Pain Fiber Nerve Conduction Study


That may explain some of the reasons why injections and surgeries result in poor outcomes. Most all other diagnostic methods have a difficult time determining which nerve is the source of pain. Most cases (Over 50%) the diagnosis of the pain remains unclear.

Our center offers the only test that can determine how much pain you are in and what nerve or nerves are causing the pain. This is a unique device that most traditional neurologists and even hospitals have not acquired. Studies have demonstrated that this technology is able to detect the location of the cause of pain as well as the severity with 95% sensitivity. Frequently the site of pain is different than the nerve pathology that is causing the pain.

Once the nerve(s) are identified that are the cause of pain, we then can accurately treat the cause with several techniques. The test is painless and is done in our office. If you have been told that your tests are negative or that your doctors have given up on you, please call our center and schedule a visit with one of our doctors. We succeed where so many have failed.

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