lschial Bursitis


A bursa is a sac that is filled with lubricating fluid situated between tissues like muscles, tendons, skin and bone that lessens irritation and friction between the tissues. The bursa causes pain when subjected to continual trauma resulting in swelling and inflammation. This could strongly affect athletes such as runners, footballers and soccer players. The ischiogluteal bursa is situated at the base of the pelvis, at the level of the bony prominence called as the ischial tuberosity. Ischiogluteal bursitis is a condition which results in painful buttock and is characterized by inflammation and tissue damage to the ischiogluteal bursa. The hamstring muscles begin from the pelvis i.e. from ischial tuberosity and enter into the upper side of the lower leg bones. The hamstring muscles connect the pelvis through the hamstring tendon. The ischiogluteal bursa is a bursa which lies between the pelvic bone i.e. ischial tuberosity and the hamstring tendon.

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